Podcast -- "Even If You Miss"

The École Good Shepherd School Student Wellness Team has officially launched their podcast, "Even if You Miss".  The weekly podcast, hosted by students, contains content chosen and written by students.  The purpose of the podcast is to inspire kids everywhere to live their best life at the youngest of ages.  With a wide range of topics, students hope to encourage others to invest in themselves and find joy in every single day.  Each podcast is created to help other kids be motivated to 'show up' every day.  some of the up and coming episodes, or those already released, include Building Healthy Habits, Kids, and Finances, Effects of Screen Time, Finding Gratitude and the Role of Failure in Learning.  Other podcasts include interviews with authors, faith leaders, television personalities, teachers, and community leaders.  Our goal is to inspire an army of young world influencers!  Join us on our journey; find us on Apple Podcast and Spotify.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or twitter!  https://evenifyoumiss.blubrry.net/